Send Text Messages! (SMS)

Asked for, and now delivered--the ability to send text messages from ShalomCloud. Apparently text messages reach over 95% of their intended audience, whereas email is doing well to reach 30%.  Therefore, for short, time-sensitive announcements (service time changes, reminders about classes and events), this might be your preferred channel for reaching a selection of congregants … Continue reading Send Text Messages! (SMS)

Finer adjustments on letter templates

If you'd like to specify custom margins on your hard-copy letter templates, that is now available.  The adjustment goes down to 1/72nd of an inch--in other words, to declare a two-inch left margin, you'd put 144  (2 x 72) as the left margin; to specify a one-inch right margin, enter 72, etc. Some other minor … Continue reading Finer adjustments on letter templates

Households by Date Joined

Suppose you want to know which families have joined your Temple during the current fiscal year; or which families have belonged to your synagogue for at least ten years. There is now a way to pull that data (and export it to spreadsheet). This three-minute video shows how. ShalomCloud Query by Date Joined from Norman … Continue reading Households by Date Joined

Labels–Starting Where You Wish

Suppose you've printed several labels, and now have a few more to print, for a selected audience.  You'd like to start where you left off, rather than inserting a whole new sheet of labels. For example, suppose you've asked the system for a list of Board members: Now, you want to print labels for this … Continue reading Labels–Starting Where You Wish

Email Templates Now Available

Now live and in production--email templates. Format and save email templates, using a familiar-looking toolbar. Not only static content--able to substitute values from family records, individuals' information, and Yahrzeits. Watch this video (6 m, 13 s) to see how to create a template, and to see how to send emails using the template.

New feature: role within family

If you wish to gain a finer designation of family members, beyond what can be inferred from age alone, we now offer a field that we're calling Role within Family.  Typical values would be Parent, Minor child, Adult child, and perhaps others such as Elderly parent. You may then use these fields within the queries … Continue reading New feature: role within family

Produce a Synagogue Directory in Three Clicks

Creating your annual directory can be a daunting challenge. No longer: After you've designated your format using the ShalomCloud Letter Templates, you are now able to product a directory in three mouse clicks. Have a look at this three-minute video to see the end-to-end process. ShalomCloud_Directory from Norman Snyder on Vimeo.

Field selection on Yahrzeit queries

Some time ago, in response to how crowded with fields was the Member query, we made available check boxes by which the user could select which fields should appear on the reports and spreadsheet downloads. The same selection ability is now available on the Yahrzeit queries.  This makes for a more device-responsive, cleaner appearance.  

New Chart–Membership Units by Year

A common, but non-trivial, question that constantly occurs is simply this: "How many membership units do we have?" ShalomCloud answers this question two ways, in seconds. By a bar chart that shows membership counts going back twenty years By a table that shows members joined, members resigned, and membership count, by year.

Next set of Yahrzeit Enhancements

Realizing that this is fairly dry material, we nonetheless wish to mention several small enhancements within the Yahrzeit capability: ShalomCloud has for some time offered "tags," alternatively dubbed "attributes," for Households and individuals.  Yahrzeits can also now be associated with tags....which means you can also query and report by those tags. If your congregation maintains … Continue reading Next set of Yahrzeit Enhancements