Queries and Reports (a.k.a Ask and Answer)

  • ShalomCloud offers a variety of queries to view and export your data.  Enter any or all of various criteria (amount ranges, date ranges, wild-carded text) –and the system responds with the records that match the conditions you’ve entered. Examples:
    • Financial Transactions – by fiscal year, by amount range, by transaction date, by category, by family, by family billing status.
    • Yahrzeits – by Hebrew date range, by Gregorian date range, by name, by related member
    • Membership – by any portion of the name, by phone, by address, by gender, by age
  • Trend reports – Amounts by category, for each of the last six years

Queries offer a single-button export to Excel.
For Family and Member queries, there are also buttons to
  1. Print mailing labels
  2. Print addresses directly onto envelopes, with or without return  address