Announcing — Member Portal, Part II

As of last post, congregants could update their demographic information–name, address, phone, email, birthday, et al.–and could pull statements for any time interval.

Member portal pull statement


Added to that capability, members can enter financial activity directly into the system.

They can view outstanding pledges, contribute new funds, and even place a credit on file.  They would choose the funds or pledges to which they’d like to apply their funds, enter their payment info, and voilà! the data is in the system.

This promises to relieve some of the work load on back-office personnel.  It cuts out the steps of taking phone calls, opening envelopes, interpreting congregants’ wishes in regard to the application of their funds.  And, with the financial query by date-entered, producing the acknowledgment letters can be done efficiently, at chosen intervals (weekly or at end-of-day), for example.