A handy productivity tip

This article has nothing to do with ShalomCloud, but rather is a general technology-related tip that may help the reader in ordinary daily activities, both professional and personal.

Have you heard of IFTTT (If This, Then That)?  IFTTT offers a way to integrate disparate applications.  A couple of examples:

Example I: For those with Apple mobile devices, the iOS Reminders app is fairly adequate.  As delivered, though, it has two critical shortcomings–you can’t export data out of it, and you can’t import data into it.  IFTTT solves those problems, by giving you these actions:

  • Upon completing an iOS Reminder, record the item in a designated Google spreadsheet.
  • Upon receiving a Gmail within a designated folder, create a new iOS reminder.

Example II:  Suppose you like using the iOS Contacts app, but prefer Gmail over iCloud mail.  As a result, as you’re composing a Gmail, you may have to switch over to iOS Contacts to pull some email addresses.  IFTTT offers this convenience–you can activate an “applet” that will save any new iOS contacts to your Gmail contact list.

See the pattern?  There are dozens to hundreds of these little “applets” to choose from.  Enjoy the exploration.