Family Units and Households

Track membership, including both information about the family unit, and information about the individuals in those families. 

  • Families, with attributes such as billing address, formal and informal names, household phone numbers.
  • Role within family–choose which family members are parents, minor children, adult children, or any other designations that you find meaningful.
  • Accommodates two addresses, especially useful in those areas of the country that experience seasonal attendance.
  • Members, with attributes such as name, business address, personal cell phone, age, Kohen/Levi/Yisrael, Torah portion, and more.
  • Define any number of free-form attributes,  and then tag to either families or members–e.g., Sisterhood, Choir, Board of Trustees, Desires snail-mail only.
  • For mass maintenance, ShalomCloud accepts spreadsheet uploads for both families and members. A real time-saver.
  • Capture emergency contact information.