Are there facts about your family membership units, or facts about individual members, that you wish to record?  Without being bound by some arbitrary limit of predefined fields?

Attributes to the rescue!

You can define any number of these facts, and tag families or individuals on one easy screen devoted to that purpose.  Examples:

  • Dual membership with another synagogue
  • Wishes to be listed in printed membership booklet
  • Member of Board of Trustees
  • Sings in the choir
  • Lives within five minutes of building (useful for helping to make a Minyan)
  • Member of Sisterhood
attribute maintenance

Screen shot from attributes maintenance

You can then query your membership according to these attributes, and generate emails or print envelopes for the selection.  For example, if your synagogue is located in an area that typically has seasonal membership, you can query for an attribute such as “year-round local,” and send communications to that selected audience.

Having the attributes saves you from having to keep multiple email lists.