Payment Portal for Receivables

The payment portal, sometimes called the non-logged-in portal, and sometimes called the contribution portal, has a new wrinkle. Until now, the portal was purely a means to accept contributions. Now, though, if you do indeed create charges for items such as school tuition or pledges, you’ll see the portal looking for such receivables against which … Continue reading Payment Portal for Receivables

Contribution Portal — card fees

As seen in the December, 2018 post, you’ve had the option of asking your contributors if they’d like to absorb card processing fees, bundled into their contribution.  As originally set up, you could determine: The percentage to be recovered The per-transaction amount to be recovered The actual phrase or sentence that asks whether the contributor … Continue reading Contribution Portal — card fees

Setting Up the User Portal

Some of you may be aware of the logged-in area of ShalomCloud, but may be wondering how you’d go about setting up the user portal. Wonder no more. In case you’re unfamiliar with the user portal, this is a place where logged-in users can: See and maintain their own household information. Review any Yahrzeits connected … Continue reading Setting Up the User Portal

Smarter Contribution Portal

The contribution portal has added a smarter search for contributors who might be Temple members. What do we mean by that?  First of all, if you watch the video about the non-logged-in portal,  you’ll have the background for this post.  Regardless, let’s squeeze an explanation into a few sentences. The non-logged-in portal accepts payments and … Continue reading Smarter Contribution Portal

Member Portal, Part III

Members of your congregation can now add people to their families via the member portal. Previously, your members could change only existing information. Now, they will be able to round out your membership by adding, for example, children elderly parents adult children who may have moved back home.    

Announcing — Member Portal, Part II

As of last post, congregants could update their demographic information–name, address, phone, email, birthday, et al.–and could pull statements for any time interval.   Added to that capability, members can enter financial activity directly into the system.

Member Portal

Now available–individuals can now access their information directly. Maintain your own demographic information–name and address, anniversary date, birthdays, cell phones and email addresses, Bar/Bat Mitzvah dates, et al. Bring up your up-to-the-minute statement, showing all outstanding balances, and all payments during a time interval of your choosing. Post contributions and pledge payments directly. These three … Continue reading Member Portal

Archive Financial Categories

Primarily to control what appears in the two user portals, you now have the ability to archive financial categories. What do we mean by “archive?” You might think of it as a way to retire a no-longer-used category. Or, perhaps, you might have categories that you use internally. In fact, if your organization is more … Continue reading Archive Financial Categories

Two New Fields for Member Records

We have added middle name and suffix to the fields available on the individual person records: These fields are also available for update in the user portal.  Moreover, with the recent addition of the audit trail, synagogue administrators can now find the source of every update–the who, what, and when of updates to any of … Continue reading Two New Fields for Member Records