Receivables and Payments

Track incoming funds, optionally applying them to receivables

Track Financials

  • Tracks receivables (e.g., pledges).
  • Incoming funds can apply to individual receivables, or applied to an on-the-spot receivable
  • Tags transactions with a category (categories have taxable / non-taxable designation)
  • Accepts credit cards
  • Produces monthly statements
  • Produces formatted letters acknowledging, not only the contributor, but also any honorees associated with the contribution–a key time saver
  • Produces year-end tax letters
  • Integrates with QuickBooks Online in near-real-time. Saves your treasurer or comptroller from manually applying entries from the synagogue management software to the accounting software.  It happens live, with no manual intervention.
  • Accepts non-logged-in contributions, storing all relevant information, without manual intervention.  Along with those contributions, can include credit card processing fees.
  • Produces deposit report to aid in reconciling bank account to ShalomCloud