Credit balances now on statements

We call it, officially, “credit on file.” Sometimes referred to as pre-payments. These are funds sent in ahead of time, to be used in the future, as specified by your congregants. We at ShalomCloud had conceived the periodic (monthly, quarterly, annually) statements as something geared to commitments, and then payments toward those commitments. However, as … Continue reading Credit balances now on statements

Now available — select which categories to include on periodic statements.

ShalomCloud now has the ability to send statements, for specific categories that you select. Until now, every statement was all-in. That is, it showed everything owed per family. Thus, you could not produce a statement for religious-school only, or cemetery-only. Now, you can select one or more categories to appear. To see a short (3m … Continue reading Now available — select which categories to include on periodic statements.

Running Statements

Running statements can tie up your screen for much more than a few seconds. In fact, if statements take more than two minutes, you’ll see a message about a Gateway timeout. In order to avoid this, we are now processing statements as a background job. What does this mean to you? First of all, as … Continue reading Running Statements

Option in the Periodic Statements

There’s a new option in the periodic statements. That is, if you use the financial capabilities of ShalomCloud, you’ll see two sections in the statements. The upper part shows owed items and anything paid against them; while below that is an area of recent payments. If you choose, you can now exclude the lower portion. … Continue reading Option in the Periodic Statements

Tax Statements by Email

You can now send links to your memberships’ tax statements by email. For some time, ShalomCloud could send tax statements by printed letter. As with the periodic statements, you can now send links by email to your members. By accessing the link, each member can see, print, or download the tax statement. There are two … Continue reading Tax Statements by Email

Statements by Email

We now have the ability to send statements by email. Taking our cue from banks and brokerages, we’ve opted not to send the actual statement by email. Instead, we send a rather long link that, when selected, takes the congregant directly into that family’s statement. There are a few very simple setup steps: Make an … Continue reading Statements by Email

Not Just One, but Many — on Statement Runs

Modest change here — having to do with your periodic statements. One of the selection criteria on statement runs had been the ability to select all families, or one family: With this change, you can now select multiple families or all: Probably the most advantageous circumstance where this would be useful is this: Suppose you … Continue reading Not Just One, but Many — on Statement Runs

Unlocking the Full Potential: More Ways to Maximize Your Alternate Email Sender

For some time now, ShalomCloud has offered the ability to send emails from a general alternate email address. For background on that capability, see this article. Useful for things like newsletters, general information, et al. We have expanded the use of alternate sender address, to both periodic statements by email, and tax letters by email. … Continue reading Unlocking the Full Potential: More Ways to Maximize Your Alternate Email Sender

Tax Letter Tutorial

Given the season, we at ShalomCloud thought it timely to produce a tax letter tutorial. There is one new minor feature included in this announcement. You can now include either formal name or informal name in the body of the tax letter. Without more fanfare, we suggest just watching the video. It will show you … Continue reading Tax Letter Tutorial

Installment Billing

ShalomCloud now offers installment billing By way of explanation — typically, after a pledge drive, or school signups, you’ll record what each family owes. The most direct way to handle those charges, is to book an amount owed per category. For example, $1800 for a pledge, or $500 for religious school. You can include an … Continue reading Installment Billing