Month: June 2020

Email Attachments

ShalomCloud now offers the ability to add email attachments to your communications. Before we delve into the “how-to,” let’s look at some of the things you might consider before sending out email attachments. In most email systems, the recipient must download the attachment to see any part of the email. Many users read emails on …

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Recurring Payments in the Member Portal

ShalomCloud now offers the ability to create recurring payments in the member portal. By way of background — we have for some time offered the following capabilities, once a congregant logs in: Maintain own family’s demographic information See yahrzeits related to any member of the family Add a member to the family Pull a statement …

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Segment the Turnaround Document

Our larger customers may be interested in the capability to segment the turnaround document. What is the turnaround document, you might wonder? For background, please have a look at this video. This is a document that holds all the fields we have collected for families, individuals, and Yahrzeits. The goal is to send each document …

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