Email Attachments

ShalomCloud now offers the ability to add email attachments to your communications. Before we delve into the “how-to,” let’s look at some of the things you might consider before sending out email attachments. In most email systems, the recipient must download the attachment to see any part of the email. Many users read emails on … Continue reading Email Attachments

Tax Statements by Email

You can now send links to your memberships’ tax statements by email. For some time, ShalomCloud could send tax statements by printed letter. As with the periodic statements, you can now send links by email to your members. By accessing the link, each member can see, print, or download the tax statement. There are two … Continue reading Tax Statements by Email

Copy email and letter templates

It is now possible, and rather easy, to copy email and letter templates. In both cases, the procedure is simple. Under the Configuration menu, go to either letter templates or email (a.k.a. multipurpose) templates. From the list, choose the new link that says Copy. The system will duplicate the document, appending a -copy to the … Continue reading Copy email and letter templates

Statements by Email

We now have the ability to send statements by email. Taking our cue from banks and brokerages, we’ve opted not to send the actual statement by email. Instead, we send a rather long link that, when selected, takes the congregant directly into that family’s statement. There are a few very simple setup steps: Make an … Continue reading Statements by Email

Alternate ‘From’ Email Address

We have a change in store, designed to give you some more flexibility when sending congregational emails. The change is the ability to select an alternate ‘from’ email address when sending emails to your membership. First, some background–we purposefully have defaulted the ‘from’ address when sending emails, to that of the logged-in id. That was … Continue reading Alternate ‘From’ Email Address

When your congregants do not have email

Most of the time, you can reach most of your community by email.  However, there will likely be some folks who either do not have an email address, or simply prefer paper mail.  How can you conveniently distinguish the paper-mail audience? ShalomCloud now offers two different features geared toward the above.  First, we’ve added to … Continue reading When your congregants do not have email

Now Available – Email History

ShalomCloud now keeps a history of outgoing emails. the recipient the subject the message itself when you sent the email Watch the video (5 1/2 minutes).   Moreover, you can query the email history, by any portion of the recipient’s email address any word or phrase in the subject sent after and sent before. From … Continue reading Now Available – Email History

Email Templates Now Available

Now live and in production–email templates. Format and save email templates, using a familiar-looking toolbar. Not only static content–able to substitute values from family records, individuals’ information, and Yahrzeits. Watch this video (6 m, 13 s) to see how to create a template, and to see how to send emails using the template.

When a Congregant Passes Away

When a congregant passes away, there are a number of tasks to take care of. Until now, we provided a list of those actions, which you had to perform one by one. With this enhancement, we have streamlined that process and automated quite a few steps. Where the steps do require manual input, we’ve gathered … Continue reading When a Congregant Passes Away

The All-Children Report

The All-Children Report now has some additional capabilities. Setup: To set this up, it is imperative that, in the Configuration => Roles Within Family, you have various roles for adults and/or parents, and for children. Then, it is also imperative that each person, whether child or adult, to appear on the report, must have an … Continue reading The All-Children Report