Two Small Enhancements — Plaque Location on the Bimah list…

and a summarized version of the Deposit Assistant.

We have two small, unrelated enhancements to show you.

Enhancement One: This relates to the combination Bimah list. The combination Bimah list, for those of you not familiar with it, combines onto one list, the Yahrzeits observed by Hebrew date, along with those observed by Gregorian date.

The combo Bimah list contains a growing numbers of options. Prior to now, those options were

  • Group by month, or group by day.
  • Whether or not to show the relationships on the list (e.g. father of, mother of).
  • To include all Yahrzeits with plaques, whether or not there was an observer.
  • Whether to specifically exclude relationships with a notification flag of “N” (meaning do not notify).

Now, we have one additional checkbox. If you’d like to show the plaque locations on the Bimah list, there is a corresponding selection.

For our second small enhancement, we turn to the Deposit Assistant. Here, as before, you can select recent incoming funds, either by Deposit ID, or by date range. Until now, the report always showed the detailed line items, grouped by category, within the source — cash, check card, ACH, etc.

Now, you’ll see an additional radio button — to produce the report in summary, with only headings and totals.

Here’s a video that runs through these two features.