Two new check-boxes for the Bimah List

Let’s say you’ve done a Yahrzeit query, typically by week or by month. Unless your congregation observes completely by Hebrew date, or completely by Gregorian date, you’ll see that the screen has two different lists. The first list comprises Yahrzeits that fall within the Hebrew date range; the second, Yahrzeits that fall within the Gregorian date range.

And then, the point of this article — between the Hebrew section and the Gregorian section is the button to create a combination Bimah list. So named, because it combines the two styles of observance. That has existed for some time. What is new, then?

A check-box to include all Yahrzeits with a plaque, regardless of any other selection criteria.

A check-box to exclude Yahrzeits for whom there is either no observer, or only observers with a notification flag of N (No notification).

One last wrinkle — on the combo bimah list, we’ve put an asterisk next to those who have a plaque.