Month: March 2019

End-of-school-year Promotion

If you track your religious school enrollment within ShalomCloud, you can now take advantage of the end-of-school-year promotion process. In order to use this action, you’d want to make sure that your grade levels are set up. One typical example would be 1 = Alef, 2 = Bet, 3 = Gimel, etc. You’d want to …

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Country Code

You can now enter a country code as part of the address for your congregational families. In most cases, you likely do not want to designate a country. That is, if the mailing address is in the same country as your synagogue, it is best to not designate a country. In contrast, let’s say that …

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Yahrzeit Query by Billing Status

Hang onto your hats, folks. This one goes a mite deep. First, in order to understand this change, let’s outline how some of the data relates to each other. Modeled after the real world, ShalomCloud houses family units, sometimes referred to as households. One or more individuals reside within those family units. Yahrzeits, in and …

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