Handling Yahrzeits

The Hebrew calendar is tricky.  Seven years in each nineteen-year cycle, an extra month is added.  Furthermore, months can vary in number of days, from year to year. Special care is needed for cases where The congregant knows only the Hebrew month and day, but not the year The Hebrew month is one of varying … Continue reading Handling Yahrzeits

Import and Export

An opinion based on decades of dealing with programs and users (please forgive the virtual yelling): It's your data.  Your should be able to extract it into a spreadsheet at any time. Too often, purveyors of software make you a prisoner of their environment, because your data is locked inside their database.  As a trivial … Continue reading Import and Export

Announcing — Member Portal, Part II

As of last post, congregants could update their demographic information--name, address, phone, email, birthday, et al.--and could pull statements for any time interval.   Added to that capability, members can enter financial activity directly into the system. They can view outstanding pledges, contribute new funds, and even place a credit on file.  They would choose … Continue reading Announcing — Member Portal, Part II

Newest Feature — the Member Portal

Now available--individuals can access their information directly.  This first rollout of the user portal has two capabilities: Maintain your own demographic information--name and address, anniversary date, birthdays, cell phones and email addresses, Bar/Bat Mitzvah dates, et al. Bring up your up-to-the-minute statement, showing all outstanding balances, and all payments during a time interval of your … Continue reading Newest Feature — the Member Portal