Two New Features for Yahrzeit Emails

Announcing two new features for yahrzeit emails. First — until now, the recipient of the reminders saw only the email address of the sender. So, for example, if you logged in as, that’s all the recipient saw. Now, the name associated with that user will appear, alongside the email. Thus, for example, assuming that … Continue reading Two New Features for Yahrzeit Emails

An additional way to see Yahrzeits

This is purely an incremental change, and one of modest scope. Nonetheless, it’s something that a few of our customers and prospects have suggested. Let’s say that you want to see the Yahrzeits related to a person or a family. Heretofore, there were basically two way: Way I: Go to Queries -> Yahrzeits. Enter any … Continue reading An additional way to see Yahrzeits

Envelopes for Yahrzeit notifications.

Directly from the Yahrzeit query screen, you may now print envelopes for Yahrzeit notifications. The envelopes come out in alphabetical order, one per person. As is the case for printing envelopes from the family query, you may choose to print your synagogue’s return address on the upper left of the envelope, or leave that area … Continue reading Envelopes for Yahrzeit notifications.

Yahrzeit Query by Attribute

This enhancement includes the ability to do a yahrzeit query by attribute. To review — you can assign attributes (a.k.a. “tags”) to individuals. For example, you may wish to assign an attribute of “Snail Mail Only,” or “Send yahrzeit notifications by surface mail” to some congregants who have expressed that preference. Until now, there was … Continue reading Yahrzeit Query by Attribute

Yahrzeit Enhancements

We have a couple of yahrzeit enhancements that may be quite useful, depending on your situation. yahrzeit enhancements 1: Date range change Until now, when you keyed a date range to pull yahrzeit lists, that range had to be entirely in the future. If you entered a date in the past, the system assumed you … Continue reading Yahrzeit Enhancements

Yahrzeit Letters – Tabular Format

If in your congregation, it is common for one person to receive multiple Yahrzeit reminder letters in the same period, you can now use the tabular format. In this format, the Yahrzeits appear in neat columns, in the middle of the page. In contrast, in the traditional format, the Yahrzeits were in-line with the rest … Continue reading Yahrzeit Letters – Tabular Format

Improvements within Yahrzeit Queries

You’ll see three improvements within Yahrzeit queries. Those changes are as follows: If you’re entering a Gregorian date range, the program had been adding a day to the end of the range. Why? you might ask. We were being extra cautious. We were including Yahrzeits that began after sundown on the “to” part of the … Continue reading Improvements within Yahrzeit Queries

How to: Input and Report on Yahrzeits

This post runs through most aspects of updating Yahrzeits, especially connecting members of your congregation to their loved ones who have passed away. The video also shows how to Pull Yahrzeit lists by both Hebrew date range and Gregorian date range. Obtain a spreadsheet with both lists. Create Yahrzeit reminder notifications, honed specifically to the … Continue reading How to: Input and Report on Yahrzeits

Yahrzeit Query by Billing Status

Hang onto your hats, folks. This one goes a mite deep. First, in order to understand this change, let’s outline how some of the data relates to each other. Modeled after the real world, ShalomCloud houses family units, sometimes referred to as households. One or more individuals reside within those family units. Yahrzeits, in and … Continue reading Yahrzeit Query by Billing Status

Yahrzeit Letters Enhanced

Enhanced formatting for Yahrzeit letters–by which we mean fonts, colors, sizing, and the like. At first, ShalomCloud offered a way to control content for Yahrzeit notifications, presuming you would print and mail them.  After that, we bolstered the communication offering by making available email templates.  The latter included a toolbar to control letter sizes, letter … Continue reading Yahrzeit Letters Enhanced