Now available — two changes to improve your financial reporting

We have two unrelated, and relatively minor, enhancements.

First — on the trend report. For those of you unfamiliar with the trend report, it’s a running total across the last six years, of charges and credits per family. You choose which categories you’d like to see on the report. What have we enhanced? The trend report consists of one line per family unit. Formerly, each line started with the family code. Now, you’ll see both the family code and the formal name.

Trend report sample
Trend report snippet

(By the way, all names are fictitious.)

The second enhancement resides in Queries -> Financial Transactions. Here, the very first filtering criterion, Fiscal year, had been limited to one fiscal year only. Most of the time, you can select the data you want by filtering on a range of effective dates. However, there are times when activity might occur before your next fiscal year starts, yet you want to attribute that pledge or payment to the forthcoming fiscal year.

In those cases, you may well want to select a range of fiscal years, instead of entering a range of dates. That is now possible:

financial transaction search criteria