Month: September 2019

Recurring Payments

There’s a new feature available in regard to recurring payments. Previously, there were only two time periods for recurring payments–weekly or monthly. Now, though, you can specify the number of weeks or months between payments. For example, if you specify a month-type payment, but with an interval of 3, that charge will happen every 3 …

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Copy email and letter templates

It is now possible, and rather easy, to copy email and letter templates. In both cases, the procedure is simple. Under the Configuration menu, go to either letter templates or email (a.k.a. multipurpose) templates. From the list, choose the new link that says Copy. The system will duplicate the document, appending a -copy to the …

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statements by email

Statements by Email

We now have the ability to send statements by email. Taking our cue from banks and brokerages, we’ve opted not to send the actual statement by email. Instead, we send a rather long link that, when selected, takes the congregant directly into that family’s statement. There are a few very simple setup steps: Make an …

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