Month: July 2018

Find Individuals by Zip Code

There is one additional field included in the member query–current zip code. Zip had already been available in the Family/Household query, but this brings a little more convenience to gather info about individuals. Couple of points: It is not necessary to enter an entire zip–if you enter 1234, the program will find persons in 12340, …

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Track Contributions–Automatically

Now available–accepting and tracking Internet contributions: ShalomCloud Handling of Contributions from Norman Snyder on Vimeo. Automatically stores information about the contributor–no need to download spreadsheets or copy and paste from emails. Automatically enters financial activity into the system–no need to manually key the entries after the fact. Offers the the option of including card processing …

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Small enhancement to Household Query

Previously, when you selected Queries => Household (a.k.a Family), and you wanted to pull by billing status,  such as Active, Inactive, or Resigned, you were limited to selecting All,  or selecting one specific billing status. With this enhancement, you can select as many statuses as you wish, by simply sweeping your mouse pointer over several …

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