Send Text Messages! (SMS)

Asked for, and now delivered–the ability to send text messages from ShalomCloud.

Apparently text messages reach over 95% of their intended audience, whereas email is doing well to reach 30%.  Therefore, for short, time-sensitive announcements (service time changes, reminders about classes and events), this might be your preferred channel for reaching a selection of congregants quickly and effectively.

ShalomCloud Text Messaging from Norman Snyder on Vimeo.

Finer adjustments on letter templates

If you’d like to specify custom margins on your hard-copy letter templates, that is now available.  The adjustment goes down to 1/72nd of an inch–in other words, to declare a two-inch left margin, you’d put 144  (2 x 72) as the left margin; to specify a one-inch right margin, enter 72, etc.


Some other minor additional capabilities:

  • Bold, italic, and bold+italic characters in any of the available fonts.
  • Ability to suppress ShalomCloud-generated headers.
  • Ability to suppress ShalomCloud-generated footers.
  • Ability to print current date in various representations, such as June 30, 2018 and 6/20/18.